My Sunday Photo: A swing and a Miss

There are times when Kara is all-girl but there are times when she’s just one of the boys too.

We visited the Avebury stone circles last Sunday with old friends from university. Six adults, seven children – but Kara was the only girl.

Not that you’d have noticed. Undaunted, she happily played with all the boys and was more than keen to get stuck in to a game of rounders – being the only girl and almost the smallest of the group made no difference to her as she got stuck in to both batting and bowling.

There’s nothing tentative about the way our three-year-old daughter approaches life. I guess that’s inevitable when you grow up as the youngest of three with two older brothers. Depending on how the mood takes her, she’s as much of a tomboy as she is a princess. And that’s fine by me.


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