Podcast #13: Best Dad I Can Be

Welcome to episode 13 of the Slouching towards Thatcham podcast, which brings you the best posts from your favourite parent bloggers, read in their own voices.

Each week I’m joined by a fellow blogger to talk about and read one of their favourite posts. It’s as simple as that: bite-sized chunks of blogging brilliance!

Best Dad I Can Be

This week’s guest is yet another award-winning dad blogger and published author: Mark from the blog Best Dad I Can Be.

Mark is reading excerpts from three posts chronicling his relationship with his daughter Jessica over the years. In The gentle maiden, she is cast as the Virgin Mary in her school nativity play. Cocktail shaken moves on to her teenage years and her adventures with alcohol, while The one list to rule them all sees her packing all her worldly belongings for the move to university.

You can follow Mark on his blog Best Dad I Can Be, on Twitter @BestDadICanBe and also on Facebook and Pinterest.

STT 2015 banner 6We’re still several years from having to worry about the prospect of our children going to university, but I’ve recently been having a recurring dream about Isaac doing just that.

What’s in a dream? is both about an event I hope to witness as a proud dad one day and my fear of not being there to experience it. We all want to see our kids grow up and fulfil in the future all the hopes we have for them today, don’t we?

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