My Sunday Photo: Run, Isaac, run!

Isaac can do many things: running is certainly one of them.

Our oldest son is more of a cerebral than sporty type. He’s not gifted with natural hand-eye co-ordination or the ability to control a football at will. But he is blessed with a runner’s lean frame and the ability to eat up long distances at speed in a way that his father – who in the dim and distant past was a good 100-metre sprinter but required public transport to cover any distance greater than one lap – has never been capable of.

I watched him running at the park this weekend and it reminded me of a certain movie character who had a liking for covering long stretches at high speed. Isaac may not be as fast or become as famous as Forrest Gump did, but I’m as proud of my son as Mrs Gump was of hers.

Run, Isaac, run!


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