Podcast #10: Verily Victoria Vocalises

Welcome to episode ten of the Slouching towards Thatcham podcast, bringing you the voices behind your favourite parent blogs.

Every week a fellow blogger joins me to talk about one of their favourite posts and read it in their own voice. It’s as simple as that: bite-sized chunks of blogging brilliance!

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This week’s guest is Vicky from the blog Verily Victoria Vocalises, who brings us two poems.

The first, Sunset is in honour of two grandfathers and written from the perspective of an elderly man looking back on his memories from his sunset years.

Home is a reflection on her daughter’s return home after being away for a week. It examines how often films and TV show narratives focus on either being at home or embarking on a journey home. Can you spot all the references in the poem?

You can follow Vicky on her blog Verily Victoria Vocalises, on Twitter @VicWelton and also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr.

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My post this week touches on the theme of memory raised in Vicky’s first poem.

Not forgotten reflects on how important triggers such as images and music can be to help us remember those who are no longer with us. In my case, it’s a classic 1980s pop song that is enough to evoke a flood of memories about a university friend of mine who died far, far too young.

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