My Sunday Photo: No, I’m not Bert Viola

I made a saddening discovery this week after Isaac had returned home from school proudly clutching his new viola.

After snapping this photo of him as he showed off what he has learned so far, I jokingly dubbed him ‘Bert Viola’ after a character from a certain 1980s TV comedy-drama detective show.

The saddening discovery came when my wife had to ask me who Bert Viola is. As someone who prides himself on being something of an 80s pop culture guru – yes, I know it’s not really that much to be proud of – this was verging on if-I’d-known-you-didn’t-know-that-I’d-have-never-married-you territory and pushed me perilously close to denouncing her as a heathen, a philistine and someone who really ought to be ashamed of knowing so little useless trivia.

Anyway, Bert Viola is this guy:

From this show:

But then you knew that already, didn’t you?

Anyhow, I’m chuffed that Isaac is so enthusiastic about his new musical instrument. I’m also quietly pleased that he didn’t decide to take up the drums. I suspect our neighbours probably aren’t too upset about that either!


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