My Sunday Photo: Have you seen the Thatcham moose?

It’s a little known fact that the human-moose hybrid’s favourite habitat is the humble high street coffee shop, as this rare photo shows.

It’s a running joke on my personal Facebook page that I will post a check-in status every weekend of some combination of the children and I at a coffee shop somewhere. This one was unusual because it was a rare daddy/daughter outing, unencumbered by the presence of either of the boys.

These little slices of one-to-one time are so precious to me. They are a rare opportunity for Kara and I to have an uninterrupted conversation without Isaac hogging the airwaves or Toby wanting to talk about cars (it’s been scientifically proven that all conversations with Toby turn to cars within 17 seconds). She’s so chatty just now: she’s at that stage where her vocabulary is starting to catch up with her curiosity and every small thing is an exciting new discovery or experience for her.

So if that means sitting in a busy coffee shop feeding her babyccinos and marshmallows and watching her experiment with both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication, that’s fine by me.

I’m still not sure about the moose impression, though.


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