My Sunday Photo: Snow White and the Seven Schoolkids (sort of)

First day back at school

Like many families across the UK, this week it was back to school for Isaac and Toby.

This year at least, it was simply a case of progressing a year rather than the potential trauma of moving to a new school. (We get that particular joy with Kara next September.) We’re also lucky that both boys genuinely enjoy school, so there are no barriers to overcome there.

Not that you’d be able to tell from this photo, though. If anyone ever wants to do a modern remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with schoolkids, I would like to put forward Toby and Isaac in the roles of Grumpy and new character Scruffy.

Toby wasn’t in a bad mood about going to school. He was only grumpy because we had told him to put a jumper on. (This is the boy whose preferred at-home-wear is a pair of pants and his dressing gown.)

Isaac, on the other hand, was typically organised and neat but in desperate need of a haircut. Like me, his hair is untameable when it is too short and also when it is too long, with about a seven-day window in between when it is just right.

Still, it made for an amusing variation on the usual back to school photo in front of our house, didn’t it?


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