My Sunday Photo: I want to tell you a story

During term-time, mornings are a frantic rush to get everyone out of bed, fed, dressed and out of the door on time. Summer holidays are, thankfully, a little more leisurely.

The kids have been on a more relaxed schedule this week. Isaac has even been getting up as late as 6am on occasion!

That hasn’t stopped him trying out some new things in his role as the responsible big brother though, one of which is to take Kara under his wing a little more (while Toby mooches around the house doing his own thing, which usually involves Minecraft or YouTube or, more commonly, Minecraft videos on YouTube).

This week’s photo occurred shortly after Kara, who is always the last to rise, had woken up grumpy and crying – like me, she is so not a morning person. Isaac immediately came upstairs, gave her a cuddle and calmed her down by reading a story to her in his best soothing voice.

It was such a sweet moment and it’s so typical of our sensitive eldest child that he would do something like this without having to be asked. Kara adores him for it. So do we.


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