Something for the weekend: The serious side of blogging

Sometimes it’s easy to think of blogging as being all giveaways, product reviews and jokey anecdotes about our children’s latest misadventures. But bloggers are frequently also serious writers covering serious topics.

From autism to baby loss to cancer to depression and all points ongoing, parent bloggers cover the whole range of subjects from A to Z. And many are writers beyond their blogs too: published authors, PR professionals and, in the case of this week’s two highlighted bloggers, journalists too.

I normally lean towards funnier pieces but this week’s posts cover two serious topics: one an investigative piece, the other a purely personal one.

It’s official: Stay-at-home-dads do not exist – Dad Blog UK

John writes about a broad variety of topics on his blog, from light-hearted reflections on his experiences as a stay-at-home dad to exploring the different political parties’ attitudes to family issues.

He has recently been trying to determine the exact number of stay-at-home dads in the UK and in the course of his research made some startling discoveries about not just SAHDs but stay-at-home mums too. The results are laid bare in It’s official: Stay-at-home-dads do not exist – although the post’s title gives the game away somewhat.

You can follow John on his blog Dad Blog UK and on Twitter @dadbloguk.

A memory tree – Rainbeaubelle

Many of you will already know that Julia’s husband Roger passed away last Friday night as a result of his cancer.

One week on, A memory tree records the reactions of children Sam and Florence on their first morning without their father, and Sam’s touching idea for commemorating Roger.

It’s touching. It’s heartbreaking. And it’s also wonderfully uplifting. But have tissues close to hand. You have been warned.

You can follow Julia on her blog Rainbeaubelle and on Twitter @Rainbeaubelle.

Finally, an announcement from me. This will be the last edition of this weekly feature, at least for the foreseeable future. From next week, it will be replaced by the Slouching towards Thatcham podcast, which will continue to showcase the best of parent bloggers – but in audio format. Check back here next Friday (the 31st) for episode one.


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