My Sunday Photo: How much is that dolly in the window?

There are many different facets to Kara’s personality.

There is the bossy, stroppy diva who would give the most temperamental of supermodels a run for their money. There is the tomboy who isn’t afraid to pick up a ball and throw it, and treats her scooter in the same daredevil fashion in which Evel Knievel once treated motorbikes. And then there is the life-sized Barbie doll who smiles constantly, loves dressing up in pretty, girly clothes and basically charms the pants off everyone.

Obviously, I love this last version of her. But the fact is I love every aspect of her just as much, even the tougher ones where she wilfully gives us a hard time over everything. They’re all part of the package that makes Kara, well, Kara. And I wouldn’t have her any other way.


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