My Sunday Photo: Close relationships

It’s funny how, contrary to its name, living in a close can help to open up neighbourly relationships.

Our house is situated at the far end of a close in the heart of a typical modern housing estate. That means we’re blessed with being away from the flow of traffic, creating a large apron of space in front of us and our neighbours’ houses which is ideal for our kids to ride their bikes and scooters on.

Several of our neighbours also have youngΒ children, which creates our own little network of kids who regularly play together. Weekends often see various parents monitoring the kids’ play over a few impromptu beers and bottles of prosecco all the way to bedtime (and beyond) – like a street party without the bunting and coronation chicken.

This photo was our neighbour’s front lawn yesterday afternoon, which pretty much sums up what it’s like down our way on an average Saturday: balls, bike helmets and empty bottles. (Nothing to do with me. Hic.)

It’s a far cry from our previous house pre-kids where we lived for five years, for four of which we were on no more than nodding terms with our immediate neighbours and where we faced out on to a main road where cars routinely sped through at 50mph. Living in a cul-de-sac may be something of a middle-class clichΓ©, but it’s proven to be a real bonus for our kids – and their parents.


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