Something for the weekend: The value of parents and parent bloggers

Parents play a valuable role in society, and parent bloggers also have a definite value in terms of both the content we produce and our ability to connect with our readership.

This week I’ve picked out two posts which take distinct views on the hard labour of parenting (but which is also a labour of love) and the sometimes underappreciated value that parent bloggers can bring to brands. Enjoy.

If – For Mums – Wry Mummy

Readers of a certain age may recall that, back in 1995, the BBC ran a poll which determined that Rudyard Kipling’s If was the British public’s favourite poem.

Twenty years on, Kipling’s iconic verse has been remixed by Jess – who, like me, also has three seven-and-unders – into a more modern version for mums (and, she assures me, dads too) that underlines the blood, sweat and tears that go into this job we call parenthood.

If – For Mums brightened up an otherwise tedious morning for me. It will bring a smile to your face too. Jess is one of the most consistently funny writers out there in the blogging community. If you don’t follow her, well, what the hell are you doing?

You can follow Jess on her blog Wry Mummy and on Twitter @wrymummy.

Dear Hollywood – stop treating bloggers like idiots – Fatherhood² | Henry’s Blog

Henry describes himself as a ‘fun-loving, dad-blogging, photo-taking, Lego-making, beard-wearing, child-caring father of two’. So a bit like me, but with a lot more facial hair and one child fewer.

I loved his post this week entitled Dear Hollywood – stop treating bloggers like idiots, a rant about PRs and advertisers who believe that bloggers will happily promote their wares for free and seem to think that they are doing us a favour by affording us the privilege of working for them. We’ve all been there, right?

While the marketing industry is becoming increasingly aware of the value that dad bloggers (and parent bloggers in general) can bring in terms of connecting to an engaged audience, not everyone is so enlightened. Some remain happy to prey on those who undervalue their worth. It’s no more right than consumer goods which are manufactured in sweatshops. It’s a rant worth reading.

You can follow Henry on his blog Fatherhood² | Henry’s Blog and on Twitter @henweb.

If you have any suggestions for great posts by other bloggers you’ve read this week, feel free to add them in the comments below.


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