Our month in photos: May 2015

Kara blowing out candles on birthday cake

We’ve had plenty of reasons to celebrate in May, from birthdays to encounters with bears.

Here are our family highlights from this past month.

Dim sum, yum yum

We have definitely turned a corner in recent months where eating out as a family is something to be enjoyed rather than endured.

No more high chairs. No impatient tantrums. (Well, hardly any.) And kids who will at least try a few different dishes, even if they don’t like all of them.

It helps that on this particular occasion we were at a restaurant all of them are well acquainted with, and that we were also with their grandparents and uncle, who they are always keen to impress.

Now we just need to work on their chopstick technique!

Birthday girl

Three was the magic number for Kara, who got to celebrate her birthday twice: once in London and once at home.

That meant two cakes with two sets of candles, each of which had to be blown out several times so the boys could join in too. And two lots of presents to open. Kara was particularly taken with the tiara that came with one of her cakes – she’s been wearing it constantly ever since.

From Darkest Peru to, er, Newbury

From the silver screen to the shopping centre, the kids got to meet everyone’s favourite Peruvian illegal immigrant as he paid a visit to Newbury. (Shh, don’t tell Nigel Farage.)

Paddington Bear


Well, you can catch a train here direct from Paddington, so at least it was convenient for him. The kids enjoyed it, although I’m surprised Kara didn’t try to steal either his hat or his marmalade sandwich!

Smiling siblings

Sometimes, especially when they’re tired at the end of a long week, Isaac, Toby and Kara get on together about as well as Sepp Blatter and integrity. And sometimes they’re like this …

Three kids and a log

It’s lovely when it works, isn’t it?

Holiday adventures

Isaac and Toby again spent a few days staying with their grandparents and uncle, who took them on adventures all over London.

However, their half-term holiday was bookended by a series of family events: a Eurovision parents-and-kids party/sleepover (six adults, six kids and a cupboard full of cocktail ingredients), a trip to Legoland and a day out in Oxford with our closest university friends.

They’re back at school today for a break from all that running around!

And that was our May, a month in which our new kitchen was also completed. What with us kitting that out with lots of new stuff and me buying a new computer, expect my June update to feature lots of photos of massive credit card bills …


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