Something for the weekend: A dad at home and the best of friends

This week I’m again featuring a stay-at-home dad, as well as a pair of loving siblings.

Coincidentally both this week’s selected bloggers are ones I featured in the same week back in February. But who are they? Read on to find out.

My first day as a stay-at-home dad – The DADventurer

The ranks of stay-at-home dads swelled by one this week as Dave’s wife Hay returned to work after her maternity leave, leaving him to begin his new dad-venture at home with Baby L (and Dax the sausage dog).

How did he get on? You’ll just have to read My first day as a stay-ay-home dad to find out. Spoiler alert: he did okay.

You can follow Dave on his blog The DADventurer and on Twitter @The_dadventurer.

When siblings become best friends – Mummy Says

Sometimes siblings get on like a house on fire. And sometimes they make you want to set the house on fire.

Kiran’s son and daughter Milin and Jasmin are separated by just 18 months – a small difference to begin with, and one which proportionally gets smaller with every passing day, with Jasmin closing in on her second birthday. The closer their ages become, the closer friends they are becoming.

In When siblings become best friends, Kiran examines the growing bond between her two children. It’s something similar to what I see in our three kids, and it’s always lovely to see a brother and sister who are close and happy together.

You can follow Kiran on her blog Mummy Says and on Twitter @kiranchug.

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