My Sunday Photo: Like an old married couple

Isaac Toby Citroen

There are times when our two boys act just like an old married couple.

They bicker. They snipe at one another. And then they do something that reminds you how much they have in common and that they really do love each other.

I took this photo in a Citroen dealership after we had been out for lunch with my family last weekend. At first glance it brought to mind an old married couple out for a Sunday drive, bickering all the way. In actual fact, the boys had been studiously evaluating the interior and features of every car in the showroom in a manner that would put Top Gear to shame. They were having a whale of a time.

For all that they will argue on a frequent basis, their common love of cars and the London Underground plus a genuine affection for one another means that, underneath all the niggling, they are close as siblings and always likely to remain so no matter where they both end up. A bit like an old married couple. I hope so, anyway.


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