My Sunday Photo: Big brother, little sister

Some bonds are so tight they will hopefully never be broken.

While our two boys Isaac (seven) and Toby (five) get on really well, there’s a particular bond that exists between Isaac and Kara (who turns three next week).

Some of it is Isaac’s caring and sensitive nature. Some of it is the natural connection that exists between a big brother and a little sister. And some of it is the fact that our fiercely independent daughter hero-worships her brother on some level.

I’ve written before about how Toby is not only the middle child but also the odd one out in so many ways in terms of personality. Our oldest and youngest, on the other hand, really are so alike. And while Isaac will happily cuddle anyone who he thinks needs support (including his parents), his instinctive protectiveness and obvious affection towards Kara stands out as something a little bit special.

Long may it continue.


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