Something for the weekend: Decisions and consequences

Having a child is one of the biggest decisions – or dilemmas – we have to make as adults.

This week I’ve selected two posts that show different sides of this life-changing choice: a mother’s honest thoughts over whether she could cope with having a child, and a father’s reflections on the double-edged sword of becoming a first-time parent.

The hardest/easiest thing about being a new dad – How to be a New Dad

David is new to both parenthood and the blogging scene but he has caught my eye with his eloquent perspectives about both the ups and downs of becoming a first-time dad.

So for my dad’s blog selection this week, you get two for the price of one in the form of a pair of companion pieces, the self-explanatory The hardest thing about being a new dad and The easiest thing about being a new dad.

You can follow David on his blog How to be a New Dad and on Twitter @HowToBeANewDad.

Depression and deciding to become a parent – Mrs H’s favourite things

Every now and then I come across a post which is so brave, so honest and so inspiring that it leaps off the page and grabs me by the eyeballs. Metaphorically speaking, anyway.

Lucy wrote Depression and deciding to become a parent late last year, but I missed it first time around and only read it this week. It’s an unblinking account of how depression led her to believe that motherhood wasn’t for her, and how some sage advice convinced her otherwise.

Little Miss H celebrates her second birthday this month and is living proof that having a child can, in some ways, be the best possible medicine.

You can follow Lucy on her blog Mrs H’s favourite things and on Twitter @mrshsfavthings.

If you have any suggestions for great posts by other bloggers you’ve read this week, feel free to add them in the comments below.


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