Our month in photos: April 2015

The Easter eggs are all gone and it’s finally starting to feel like spring. Well, it did for a few days, anyway. We’ve had the school holidays this month, some fun trips and I’ve found a new love – one with four wheels.

Here are our family highlights from April.

Fast car

Never mind me, I think the highlight of my kids’ month was when my new car arrived.

BMW 4-seriesIt was no surprise that Isaac and Toby – that would be the Top Gear-loving, brochure-memorising, YouTube video review-watching boys – practically fell over themselves to go out for a spin and test all the new gizmos.

What was more surprising was that Kara, if anything, loved it even more. She revelled in the joy of being put in the front for a change. (I only have two doors, so it’s easier to put the boys in the back because they can belt themselves in.) Even more than the boys, she was constantly squealing with delight every time I put my foot down.

Like father, like sons, like daughter. I love driving and whenever I’ve been out with the kids since, we always seem to end up taking a longer route home. Can’t imagine why.

London calling

If there’s one thing the boys are even more obsessed with than Top Gear, it’s the London Underground. So we spent a day during the Easter holidays whizzing around central London by tube, DLR, cable car and black cab. They loved it – and so did I.

Toby was assigned as chief tube map navigator, a responsibility he took most seriously – and that he excelled at.

I think it’s fair to say that the pair of them enjoyed their big day out, which included a much-anticipated visit to Paddington station to check on everyone’s favourite Peruvian immigrant. (Okay, maybe not Nigel Farage’s favourite …)

We crammed a lot of sightseeing into our day – nowhere near enough for the boys, but we can rectify that on our next trip.

Both boys even recorded their own video diaries of the day, which you can read about in my review of our day out.

The most beautiful girl

At nearly three, Kara is going through that wonderful yet occasionally infuriating phase where she is starting to clearly verbalise exactly how she feels and what she wants. Often at a decibel level that makes Maria Sharapova sound like she’s whispering. Every five minutes.

But she’s also at that age where there are no sides to her. All her emotions and expressions are there for the world to see, and it’s lovely to watch our beautiful little miss turning into a proper grown-up girl – nearly three going on 13 –  even if she is a right little bossy boots sometimes.

Lego House

We were lucky enough to pick a sunny Saturday to go to the Lookout Discovery Centre in Bracknell Forest with friends for a day of venturing about that included den-building in the morning, a picnic lunch and a happy afternoon exploring their extensive science and nature exhibits, which provided a great combination of learning and fun.

Isaac spent ages assembling a slate roof while Toby, with some help from his faithful builder’s mate (i.e. me) set to work building his own house from giant Lego-like bricks. He was very proud (and rightly so) of his construction, although I’m unsure whether the roof would pass NHBC safety standards. Nonetheless, he derived almost as much joy from the 30 seconds in took to destroy the house as he did from the 30 minutes it took to build it.

It was a great day, though.

And that was our April. May is already shaping up to be a busy month. Kara’s third birthday is next week, Heather’s aunt is visiting from Canada and our new kitchen will hopefully be finished some time soon too. I’ll be back with more words and pictures at the end of it all.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, each section heading is a song title by, respectively, Tracy Chapman, The Clash, Charlie Rich and Ed Sheeran. Just because.


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