Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Knowing the path and walking the path

Sooner or later you’re going to realise, just as I did, that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Morpheus, The Matrix

Okay, there are single-celled organisms who would have looked wise when compared to Keanu Reeves’ Neo, but Morpheus – named, appropriately, after the god of dreams in Greek mythology – really was a smart fellow, wasn’t he?

How often in life do we encounter people who are wise after the fact, or who proclaim that they know what needs to be done but are strangely reluctant to act upon it? As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Knowledge is a tool but a tool is only of value if it is actually used.

Knowledge helps us make better decisions but decisions are only words until they are enacted.

Knowledge of the path tells you where you need to go but only walking the path will actually take you to your destination.

What paths do we want our children to follow, and what are we as parents going to do to help them walk that path on their journey of self-discovery? What combination of lessons and experiences can we give them that will help them fulfil their potential?

What am I going to do differently tomorrow to help my kids walk their own paths? Um. Er. Answers on a postcard, please.

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