My Sunday Photo: St Paul’s in reflection

Toby St Paul's reflection

Over the years, I’ve accumulated most of the standard ‘tourist photos’ of London’s most iconic landmarks. But this quirky shot is one of my favourites.

I’ve written elsewhere about our boys’ day out in London this week. Over the course of the day I added a few more entries to my collection of carefully composed photos-everyone-else-in-the-world-has-also-taken. But this hastily snapped image of one of the most instantly recognisable buildings in London – St Paul’s Cathedral – summed up our day perfectly.

These metal spheres are situated between St Paul’s and the Millennium Bridge. On a sunny day and from the right angle you can catch the reflection of both the cathedral and the bridge in them.

Toby had just noticed this and was having a giggle at his own distorted reflection, all the while clutching his trusty tube map with which I had entrusted him to plot the quickest routes from A to B. I just managed to get my phone pointed towards him and myself out of shot in time (although that is my shadow you can see reflected in the ball).

It’s a great snapshot memory of a great day.


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