Something for the weekend: Choking and karting

It may be the Easter holidays but the flow of great mum and dad blog posts shows no signs of abating.

This week’s selected posts focus on an unusual near-death experience and the onset of juvenile road rage. We’re a diverse bunch, us parent bloggers, aren’t we?

How To Make Friends and Choke on Toothpaste – Wry Mummy

Jess is one of the funniest people-I-know-only-on-the-internet, with a wry sense of humour that regularly has me snorting with laughter.

Or, for that matter, choking. In How To Make Friends and Choke on Toothpaste, she recounts an alarming experience which caused her to befriend a neighbour in … let’s call it ‘unorthodox’ fashion.

She’s one of the few bloggers I know who can have me laughing about a near-death experience. Still, at least she’d have gone out with minty-fresh breath.

You can follow Jess on her blog Wry Mummy and on Twitter @wrymummy.

This is Driving Me Round the Bend – Diary of the Dad

Tom was one of the first dad bloggers I started following, as he regularly regales us with tales of his two sons Dylan and Xander.

This is Driving Me Round the Bend is a cautionary tale of the hell that can be unleashed when you allow your children to start playing video games. It’s a short step from there to road rage and trash talk. Parenting at its finest.

You can follow Tom on his blog Diary of the Dad and on Twitter @DiaryOfTheDad.

If you have any suggestions for great posts by other bloggers you’ve read this week, feel free to add them in the comments below.


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