Something for the weekend: What makes a good mum or dad?

What makes a good dad? What makes a good mum?

This week, my two featured bloggers ask that very question of themselves and arrive at similar answers in different ways.

Am I a good Dad? – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

Martyn offers honest and thoughtful reflections on life as a single dad of two. In him, I recognise a similar spirit, one who occasionally lacks a little confidence but is fiercely determined to be the best father he can be.

His introspective reflections in Am I a good Dad? immediately struck a chord with me. He touches on some universal issues: we all want to believe we are good parents, and many of us are, but that doesn’t stop either ourselves or others planting seeds of doubt in our minds.

For me, the fact that Martyn was willing to even air the question is in itself part of being what a good parent is about. Have a read and see if you agree.

You can follow Martyn on his blog Inside Martyn’s Thoughts and on Twitter @Mr_Kitney.

Am I a good mum? Discuss – Yellowbelly Mummy

Kate is a farmer’s wife and a mum of both a girl and a boy. She too raised the question of whether she is a good parent in her post Am I a good mum? Discuss.

Can we really consider ourselves to be good parents when racked with guilt at our inability to live up to the positive image that we project on social media? Kate’s solution was to ask the people who really matter: her children. Out of the mouths of babes …

You can follow Kate on her blog Yellowbelly Mummy and on Twitter @_KateChapman.

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