Our month in photos: March 2015

Spring has officially sprung, we’ve had the solar eclipse and the first quarter of 2015 has now passed. I bet I’m not the only person wondering where the time has gone!

March started off with #SingleDadWeek as Heather headed off to South Africa with work for six days, leaving me home alone with our three little monsters cherubs. I’ve covered my week as a solo parent more than enough already (here, here, here and here), so here’s a quick photo round-up of what else happened in our household during this past month.

What a (comic) relief!

Remember when Comic Relief was just about donning a plain red nose and dipping in to your pocket? This being the 30th anniversary, we had a set of fancy collectible noses, a Great British Bake-Off spin-off series and more cakes for sale than a Women’s Institute fund-raiser. The kids seemed to enjoy it, though. (Not surprising, given how many cupcakes I had to buy them.)

It’s all relative

One of my Malaysian cousins now lives and works in Hull, and her parents are regular visitors to the UK. That’s lovely because it means we get to repay some of the generous hospitality we have enjoyed over the years, and also because the kids unreservedly embrace them, even though they only see them for a couple of days every year or two.

Kara in particular took an immediate shine to her relatives – three weeks later, she still talks about them every day. It’s a shame that much of our extended family lives (literally) half a world away – most of my family is in Malaysia, Heather’s dad’s half of the family in Australia – but that makes these infrequent contacts all the more precious.

Walking in a Windsor wonderland

We paid our first visit of 2015 to Legoland Windsor on a Sunday that started out distinctly chilly but became gloriously warm and sunny.

As ever the children loved it, even though they were exhausted at the end of a long week. We did a few of their favourite rides but on this occasion they were more interested with simpler pleasures such as the playgrounds and fairground rides. As annual pass holders, we don’t really have any pressure to cram lots of big stuff in, and it was nice to see the kids enjoying some of the park’s more traditional activities.

Piano man

Isaac started piano lessons this month, which means a new addition to our increasingly crowded playroom. Isaac pianoIt’s another activity to add to his busy week but he’s enjoying it so far and is already progressing well. That’s gratifying enough, but it’s also lovely to see how encouraging he is when one of his siblings shows an interest too. Rather than being possessive about his new keyboard, he’s been really encouraging and patient in explaining things to them. He’s a good kid. And that was our March. We’ve got a busy Easter weekend upcoming and I’m (im)patiently waiting to take delivery of my latest ‘toy’. More on that next month.


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