Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Words to live by #2

Look in the mirror … that’s your competition

There are two distinct ways to read this quote.

Firstly, it’s a reminder that none of us is perfect and therefore every day presents us with an opportunity to better ourselves.

However, I prefer the second, more oblique meaning, which is that we should be concerned more with setting our own standards than with competing against other people. Whether as a parent or a blogger or – double jeopardy! – a parent blogger, it’s all too easy to look at other people and think “I wish I could be more like them”. We see their ‘perfect’ children and homes on Facebook and Instagram – but not their bad moments when things are less than perfect. We wish we could write with the same passion, honesty, humour, authority or insight as a fellow blogger – but that disregards our own personal strengths and style.

At the risk of stating the obvious (yeah, I know: too late), we are all different. Why waste effort comparing ourselves to others when we can instead focus on being even better versions of ourselves?

At this point you may want to fist-pump the air or play some suitably motivational music. And is there a better training motivation song or scene anywhere than this?


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