My Sunday Photo: See-saw shenanigans

You take the kids to Legoland for the first time this year, and what’s the one thing they enjoy more than anything else?

A see-saw.

At least, that’s my conclusion based on size of grin and loudness of laughter. Sure, the boys did their usual favourites – L-Drivers and Driving School – but Toby’s face at L-Drivers was a mask of stoic determination to make his little electric car (top speed around 1km/h) go faster, while our ever law-abiding Isaac complained about how other kids were driving on the wrong side of the road and ignoring traffic lights and stop signs for about ten minutes afterwards.

But when we stopped in the playground at the back of the resort hotel for lunch, there was no getting the kids off the climbing frames and see-saw, with even Kara and Toby – usually the combination of our three kids least likely to be seen together – happy to bounce up and down together for ages.

I guess the old ones really are still the best sometimes!


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