Something for the weekend: Loneliness and future letters

The written word. It can be used to communicate the deepest and most heartfelt of feelings or it can fuel jealousy and anger, however inadvertently.

This week’s two posts feature a mum describing how social media can make us feel lonely and inadequate and a dad going back to the future to remind us to be good to our other halves.

And Then … The Fun Began

Sam is a part-time stay-at-home-mum with two under-sixes who somehow manages to maintain a sense of humour as she writes about anything and everything to do with family life.

Motherhood can be a lonely place is one of her less irreverent posts but it’s a lovely, honest view of what it can feel like when it seems like every other mother in the world is posting witty Facebook updates about their amazing social lives and it feels like you’re on the outside looking in to a party to which everyone else is invited. It’s a reminder that social media – for all the benefits it brings and the relationships it allows us to forge – can be a double-edged sword sometimes.

Dashboard Dad

You may not yet know Casey, who is a newbie to the parenting blogging scene, having only started Dashboard Dad at the beginning of the year. However, I’m already a fan of his wit, insight and the slightly left-of-centre spin he puts on the world of family life.

Warning: Dear Dad and Mom is actually a couple of weeks old but I only got round to reading it this week. It’s a hypothetical letter sent back from the future by a child to their parents, which reminds us of the importance of treating our partners with the same kindness and love with which we treat our children and friends. I defy you to read it and not nod along in agreement with every line.

If you have any suggestions for great posts by other bloggers you’ve read this week, feel free to add them in the comments below.


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