Sunday Songs: True Faith – New Order

A heavy electronic dance beat isn’t normally what you’d choose to exert a soothing influence on an infant daughter, but True Faith has always had exactly that effect on Kara.

Maybe it’s that relentless beat. Or perhaps it’s the colourful, cartoonish imagery of the song’s iconic video. But when Heather travelled with a then 13-month–old Kara to Australia for a family funeral a couple of years ago – that’s the best part of 19 hours cooped up in the confines of a plane – it was the True Faith video on her iPhone that she used to calm her down.

Hey, it’s better than using a dummy, right?

My daughter has good taste. I love this song – it’s inextricably intertwined with my memories of the post-O Level summer of 1987, a time before the burdens of career and family.

Come to think of it, it has a soothing effect on me too.


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