Sunday Songs: Cool Kids – Echosmith

I’m not as in touch with modern music as I used to be. Some of that is self-inflicted, as I naturally gravitate towards ‘classic’ radio and TV channels populated largely by songs from my teenage years and 20s. A fair amount of my exposure to modern music is defined by the listening preferences of my children: Frozen, Taylor Swift and that confoundingly catchy Meghan Trainor song.

But every now and then the process works in reverse. Something new will worm its way into my consciousness and catch the kids’ attention. Echosmith’s Cool Kids is one such song, a rare track I discovered which Isaac, Toby and Kara all love and regularly sing along to in the car.

Echosmith are an LA indie rock band made up of four siblings aged between 16 and 21. Sole girl and lead singer Sydney is just 17.

Cool Kids is one of those songs that subtly reels you in and leaves you humming the chorus before you’ve even noticed it’s got into your head. It’s an anthem for all those kids who know what it’s like to be on the outside looking in – a high school version of Pink’s Raise Your Glass.

Before signing to Warner Bros, Echosmith released cover versions of songs by artists such as Coldplay, Adele and Katy Perry on their YouTube channel – some of them published before Sydney and younger brother Noah’s 15th birthdays.

Can you imagine doing that at 14? I barely had the confidence to show my face in public, let alone post recordings for open consumption.

Anyhow, Cool Kids is breezy and irresistibly catchy and therefore constitutes the perfect Sunday song. Enjoy.