Our month in photos: February 2015

Are we really two months into 2015 already? On the one hand, it feels like the year is flying past. But on the other hand, it feels like we’ve already done a lot of things in this still relatively new year.

It’s certainly been a busy February. Here are just a few of our family highlights – both big and small – from the month.

The car showroom

I started the month off with the excitement of test-driving and ordering a new car. This sparked a wave of excitement from the car-crazy Isaac (aka James May Jr) and Toby (Richard Hammond II), who were soon checking out specs and YouTube videos.

It also prompted a happy afternoon during which the boys created their own car showroom, where they promptly attempted to convince me that I really needed to buy another car from them on very favourable terms.

I’m now the proud owner of a yellow Mercedes van. It only cost me £25,000 although I did have to take out a loan with interest chargeable at 2,900% APR. The boys have a bright future in used car sales …

Valentine’s Day

While I was (not so) silently cursing and refusing to pay for all the things that we’re supposed to shell out on for Valentine’s Day, the boys were busy doing something far more worthwhile, making their own cards and gifts.

IMG_8721I’m not sure about the accuracy of Toby’s drawing of Heather, though. It’s missing rather a lot of hair and is notably lacking in arms, although at least she can be pleased with the slim legs she’s been given.

The lord and lady of the dance

On any given evening in our household, odds are you will find one of the following on our TV: (a) Top Gear, (b) CBeebies or Nick Jr or (c) music videos.

Music is a big part of all our children’s lives, but February has been a dancing month. Kara is more orthodox in her movements, while Toby is more from the over-caffeinated, hyperactive, look-at-me-I’m-a-windmill pogo school of dance. Go figure.


The boys spent much of half-term week at their grandparents’, including a trip with me to the London Transport Museum (a big hit) where I bought them a London Underground-based board game which they haven’t stopped playing since.

We also got together as a big family group – the five of us, my parents and brother – for our traditional Chinese New Year trip to Chinatown. I love the social aspect of big family meals where we sit around a circular table with a huge variety of dim sum in front of us, and the kids enjoy the theatrical nature of how trolleys of food are wheeled around the restaurant from table to table, waiting for customers to stop them and order dishes on the spot.

Now if I can just teach them how to use chopsticks properly …


She doesn’t turn three for another couple of months, but our daughter continues to develop apace. She’s a girl in a hurry, spurred on by having two older brothers to imitate and learn from.

I love this period in our children’s lives: the months either side of their third birthdays. They seem to develop so fast in terms of their communication skills, their physical capabilities and their personalities, becoming fully formed individuals before our eyes.

Kara is so full of smiles and fun and mischief and, yes, occasionally humongous melt-downs, but I wouldn’t change her for the world. She really is daddy’s little princess.

And that was our February. It may be the shortest month of the year but we seemed to cram a lot in. Now I wonder what March will bring?