My Sunday Photo: 15/2/15 – So you think you can dance?

Toby has always been the quiet, solitary child sandwiched between two more vocal, sociable and demanding siblings. However, over the course of the past few months – since starting school last September, really – he has really started to come out of his shell.

This growing confidence and willingness to express himself has manifested in a number of ways. He’s a prolific artist, specialising in cars, famous landmarks and national flags. He loves to build stuff using only his imagination as a guide, whether it is with Lego or old cardboard boxes and toilet rolls. And, like Isaac, he adores reading and being read to.

He’s always enjoyed music too. However, this last week he has suddenly taken to dancing energetically at any given opportunity – something his brother also did at a younger age. But whereas Isaac would imitate routines or carefully choreograph his own, Toby is much more of a free spirit who throws random shapes as the moment takes him. A little cha-cha slide. A lot of arm-waving. And, as in this photo, a spot of pogoing too.

It’ll be big fish, little fish, cardboard box next …