Shaking it off

Thank God for Taylor Swift. There, I’ve said it. Five words I thought I would never put together in one sentence. But I have. And I mean it.

Now, before someone accuses me of joining the ranks of the ‘Swifties’ and sends for the men in white coats to cart me off to one of those plush accommodations with the padded walls, I haven’t actually taken leave of my senses. There is a good reason for that statement. Well, a reason, anyway.

Like many other families across the land, the last year or so has been dominated by children imploring me to let it go (whatever ‘it’ is) or enquiring whether I would like to construct a snowman. In the middle of summer. And although the Frozen soundtrack is a masterpiece of its kind, there comes a point – round about the 1,500th play – where the familiar notes of Let It Go‘s piano intro feel more like the aural equivalent of Chinese water torture.

So anything that supplants Idina-bloody-Menzel as the number one selection (from a shortlist of one) on the car stereo makes for a welcome change, even if it is Harry Styles’s ex.

You know the song. Unless you’re deaf and have been living in a cave for the last six months, you’ll be familiar with Shake It Off. You may even be responsible for some of the 570 million views the video has had on YouTube at the time of writing. It’s currently the most popular song in our household and it’s also responsible for this little impromptu moment straight out of the Kids from Fame playbook:

Kara dancing around our living room is a common enough occurrence, but how can you not love a song that has the normally reticent Toby busting some freestyle moves and flailing his arms as if he’s attempting to perform speed-semaphore?

It’s enough to make me happy to listen to anything. Even Taylor Swift. Although it has to be said that the song does have (in its own words) a pretty sick beat. It’s actually rather good.

Okay, now you can put me in the strait-jacket.