Why the LoveAllDads Awards are important

The chaps over at LoveAllDads (LADs) are taking nominations for their annual awards over the course of September. These may not be as big as those run by the likes of Britmums or Mumsnet – yet! – but in many ways they’re just as important.

Why? Because while dads represent half of all parents, we’re only a tiny minority of parent bloggers. Just 7% of bloggers registered with Tots100 are male, and the proportion of Y chromosomes in attendance at events such as BritMums Live is typically, if anything, even less than that.

There are some fantastic male bloggers out there, from new to experienced dads, from full-time workers to stay-at-home dads, both funny and serious. But the fact is there aren’t that many of us. Consequently we have a relatively small voice in a very large blogosphere containing an overwhelming number of mum bloggers. That’s not a complaint, by the way, just an observation.

And that’s why things such as the LoveAllDads Awards are important. Awards and events are a crucial driver of minority causes and the promotion of diversity in society. While I wouldn’t go so far as to put dad bloggers and the LADs Awards in the same bracket as, say, Pride or the MOBOs (Music of Black Origin), they do have a role to play in raising awareness and promoting excellence.

It’s a slow process, but dads are starting to gain recognition in the parent blogging world. Darren Coleshill, writer of the excellent blog One Dad 3 Girls, won the Social Media Award at BritMums Brilliance In Blogging Awards this year, and he’s also part of the team that brings you the Love All Dads podcast, which won the Innovate Award. There’s some great stuff out there just waiting to be found. And the more these blogs are highlighted, the more dads will be encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences.

If you’re a regular mum/family blog reader but you’ve never read a dad blog before, why not? You’re missing out on the perspectives of 50% of the parenting population. Isn’t that worth at least checking out? And who knows, via initiatives such as the LADs Awards, maybe you might find a new favourite read?

And if you do read dad blogs – whether this one or others – please take a moment to show your appreciation. The categories for the 2014 Love All Dads Awards are as follows:

  • Top Tweeter 2014 – Sponsored by CoombeMill
  • Best Dad Blog 2014
  • Best Blog Post of the Year 2014 – Sponsored by UpAllHours
  • Best Newcomer 2014 – Sponsored by dadzclub
  • Best Non Dad Blog 2014
  • Most Entertaining 2014

All you need to do to register your vote is to click on the link below and complete the nomination form at the bottom of the page.

LoveAllDads Awards 2014

Obviously I’d be delighted if you considered me in any of the categories – okay, maybe not Best Non Dad Blog, and I should also point out that I’m a grizzled veteran rather than a Newcomer – but the most important thing is just to vote, help make these awards a success and raise the profile of dad bloggers. Honestly, I’m happy even if you vote for someone other than me. Really I am. (Did that sound convincing enough?)

And if you are considering voting for me in the Best Blog Post category, please feel free to nominate whichever post of mine you have most liked in 2014, but for what it’s worth the posts I’m most proud of are A letter to myself, from a father of three to a father of none and The brother who never was.

Right. Having said all that, I’m off to cast my votes now.