My month in Instagrams: July 2014

July was a glorious month weather-wise, so looking back on my month’s Instagrams it’s no surprise that a lot of them involve the kids playing outdoors. From paddling pools to theme parks, they’ve packed an entire summer’s worth of fun into one month. We have to take advantage of the good weather while we can!

Water, water everywhere

Whether it’s a paddling pool at their grandparents’ or the water park at Legoland, it’s been the perfect month for playing with water.

Twos and threes

We’re incredibly lucky that, for the most part, we have three children who get on well together. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of moments where they get up each other’s noses and on their respective wicks, but with Toby and Kara having finally found their connection we can pretty much mix and match any combination of the three now and you can see the sibling bonds that exist.

So, Toby and Kara:

Isaac and Toby:

Isaac and Kara:

And finally all three of them together:

Kids slide

Daddy’s little (pouty) princess

July saw Kara pass 26 months. She’s just at the point where her vocabulary and conversational abilities are really accelerating now. Recent additions include a chirpy “You’re welcome!”, but my favourite remains the delighted screams of “Daddy home! Daddy home!” the moment she hears the front door open every evening. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that.

These three photos summed up for me just how quickly my little girl is growing up.

And finally …

Three random shots, just because.

So that was the month that was. August sees us heading to the Alps for a week, so expect lots of photos of mountains, swimming pools and (hopefully) carefully suntanned children from me this time next month.

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