A letter to my two-year-old daughter

Dear Kara,

I’m writing this to you on your second birthday as a reminder of the little girl you were before you grew up.

Two years! Where does the time go?

Two years ago today I dropped everything to race to Reading just in time to see you being born.

Two facts you may not know. One, your ‘birth song’, playing silently on the birthing playlist on the iPhone in my pocket, was Erma Franklin’s Piece of My Heart – a great song, and an appropriate one. And two, you were born weighing 8lb 9oz – to the ounce, the same weight as both your brothers.

You, my daughter, are strong-willed (for which read ‘stubborn’), determined (for which read ‘stubborn’) and won’t take no for an answer (you get the idea). But you’re also affectionate, cuddly and have a smile which lights up a room and never fails to melt my heart.

I love the way the first thing I always hear when I get back from work is an excited cry of ‘Daddy home! Daddy home!’, followed by the patter of your footsteps and a smiling girl who leaps into my arms for a cuddle.

I love the way you curl up on the sofa with me, trying to sing along as we watch music videos on TV.

I love the fact that you are just now starting to have proper conversations with us. Sometimes it is distinct two and three-word sentences. At others, it is an endless stream of enthusiastic babble. Both are incredibly cute to listen to.

I love the way you hero-worship your big brother Isaac. And how close you are to all your grandparents and your uncle Pete.

I love the way you ask for me to read your favourite Peppa Pig books at bedtime, something neither of your brothers did at this age, and so often demand that I sing you our special version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (complete with hand actions) before settling into bed.

I love so many things about you.

If I’m being honest, there are one or two things I wish could be a little different but that’s just the way you are. It makes no difference. I wouldn’t change you for the world.

You are daddy’s little princess. That’s the little girl you are. And the little girl you will always be to me.