Postcard from the heart

I spent the first part of this week in Germany. Other than a couple of phone calls and text messages, I had no contact with the kids from mid-afternoon on Sunday until when they woke up this (Wednesday) morning.

The better part of 72 hours is a long time in my children’s little world, and while Toby and Kara keep their disappointment at my absence well disguised – it’s entirely possible they’re not bothered in the slightest – Isaac has always been one to wear his heart on his sleeve.

He talked about me going away several times in the couple of days before I left and how much he would miss me while I was gone. This even extended to him asking me if it was possible for him to accompany me in my suitcase. His face as I rolled down the driveway on Sunday was one of perfect misery. Indeed, he even created a postcard for me to take with me, with the Houses of Parliament on the front and the following on the back (complete with an Olympic rings stamp):

Isaac postcard

It was so sweet – and so him. I kept it by my bed while I was away.

In a way that his two younger siblings are not, Isaac has always been an expressive, emotional and empathetic soul. Sometimes that manifests itself in an innate tendency to be a drama queen. Most other times, though, he’s an incredibly mature, thoughtful and affectionate boy.

I hope I never forget that, especially once he inevitably turns into a sullen and temperamental teenager. I’m going to add his postcard from the heart to my little (virtual) box of memories.