2013 in review

Chinese New Year 2013 snakeIs it really nearly 2014 *already*?

2013 has been a busy old year. Three holidays, a job move and in the region of 250,000 words (close to 300 posts) across four separate blogs – about a quarter of them here. I’ve selected one post from each month of 2013 as a representative sample of my daddy blogging year. Enjoy!


First child, third parent?

Reflecting on how being the oldest of three children is both a privilege and a burden, even for a mature five-year-old.

Isaac: definitely a thinker


Parents’ evening 2: This time it’s serious

Midway through Isaac’s school year, why I was as pleased about his enthusiasm for school as any of his academic achievements.


A room full of possibility

How a simple garage conversion opened up a world of new possibilities.

Before the new room was filled up with kids' toys ...
Before the new room was filled up with kids’ toys …


Turning my frown upside down

The power of photos in capturing the positive aspects of a cold, illness-riddled holiday.

Butlins 3


Separate lives

A reflection on how much having kids has changed our lives in just a few short years.


A better dad

How nine days experiencing life as a single parent taught me some valuable lessons but also boosted my confidence as a father.

Car for a Mrs and Miss Liew?
Car for a Mrs and Miss Liew?


A competitive edge

After attending school sports day, a few thoughts on why a healthy competitive attitude is good for the soul.

Hey, dad, over here!


The iPhone holiday challenge

The story of a week in Tuscany, told in images captured using only an iPhone.

Toby, Isaac and Kara carefully examining the inside of their eyelids
It had been a long day …


Sweet 16

Reflections on how having a daughter is different from two sons as Kara reaches the grand old age of 16 months.



The inner child

25 years after Big first hit cinema screens, some thoughts on the importance of allowing kids to be kids and not just focussing on academic learning.


Weekend rituals

On the importance of regular weekend habits and ‘daddy time’.

Just an average Saturday morning ...


‘Tis the (pre)season

With such enthusiastic and excited kids, it’s probably just as well that preparations for Christmas seem to start earlier every year.

It’s been an eventful 2013, one full of predominantly good memories which more than outweigh the few bad ones. Roll on 2014!