Weekend rituals

The weekend is my biggest opportunity to spend quality time with the kids and you’re most likely to find us enjoying a ritual coffee at some point.

It’s a rare weekend that you don’t find me with one or more of the children in one of our local branches of Costa. (I really should have bought shares in the company.) It’s an opportunity for Heather to enjoy a little peace and quiet, and for me and whatever combination of kids I’m dragging around with me to sip a refreshing beverage, people-watch and generally catch up on the events of the week without the distraction of toys, TVs and computers.

Just an average Saturday morning ...
Just an average Saturday morning …

It’s a tried and tested routine now. Isaac strolls in and selects a table. If Kara is with us he will fetch a high chair. Then the kids will (mostly) sit patiently until I return with our order which, given that the service in our branch in Thatcham makes glaciation look like a hurried process, can take quite a while. A skinny latte for me. A babyccino with chocolate sprinkles and marshmallow for Toby. A strawberries and cream cooler with added whipped cream for Isaac (of which Kara inevitably drinks half). Plus snacks: crisps and an occasional biscotti for Isaac, wafers for Toby.

And a second mortgage for me.

It’s a small thing, but it’s a little oasis of calm that’s exclusively ‘daddy time’, gives the boys a chance to burn off some steam on their bikes/scooters and conveniently allows me to run small errands at the same time. A win-win, and one that’s become something of a ritual activity in our household. I wouldn’t change it for the world – although I wouldn’t mind if the kids developed slightly less expensive tastes!

What’s your weekend ritual? A kick-about on a Sunday morning? A pub lunch? A long walk? A hangover?