Sweet 16

Kara reached her sweet 16 today – months, that is, not years. I’d be lying if I said it only seems like yesterday that I was dashing down the M4 at a speed which may not have been entirely legal to arrive just in time at the hospital. Equally, though, it doesn’t seem like anywhere near 16 months. Doesn’t time fly when you’re constantly sleep-deprived?

Anyhow, I thought it was kind of appropriate that Kara marked this tiny milestone in her life by giving me a proper mouth-to-mouth kiss for the first time this morning. And then another one. And another, until I was covered with a face full of toddler saliva. Nice.

In a way that our boys never were – both very much mummy’s boys – she’s something of a daddy’s girl, although up until now she has translated my requests for a ‘daddy kiss’ into resting her head on my shoulder and giving me a hug.

So, to celebrate the occasion, here are 16 photos of my darling not-a-baby-any-more girl. Love you, K.