Slouching towards Thatcham goes multi-channel

Look, it's all new and shiny!

95% of the time I blog for the hell of it. Something interesting happens with the kids, a nostalgic twang compels me to delve into the past, or something else appeals to the inner technology/history/music geek in me. It’s an itch that needs to be scratched, one that is relieved by putting finger to keyboard and cursing the fact that I’m never going to be more than a four-finger typist.

And then, two or three times a year, I have this urge to do a bit of a blitz on improving the layout of the blog, widen my audience or do something else that proves that I am about as far removed from Mark Zuckerberg or Sergey Brin as an amoeba’s brain is from Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. I twiddle with options on my WordPress theme. I do a cull of blogs I no longer read so I can subscribe to some new ones. I scratch my head wondering how every other blogger in the world seems to have ten times as many subscribers or Twitter followers as I do. And then I start wondering about how I can build a better brand around Slouching towards Thatcham.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to prattle on about geeky terminology such as SEO and click-through rates. Nor am I about to start spouting marketing-speak about the importance of targeting or engagement or brand-building. There are plenty of other people out there already who do that – most of them seem to email me on a regular basis to let me know about the services they can offer, which is why the delete key gets used so often.

I’m just going to say that, having changed the blog from a whatever-the-hell-I-feel-like-writing-about blog into one which is primarily about my experiences and memories as a 40-something father of three, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and refine my other main social media outlets, namely Twitter and Facebook.

Look, it's all new and shiny!
Look, it’s all new and shiny!

So, while I’m still on Twitter as @timliew, I’ve now also set up a new account @thatchamdad so that the increasing number of people who follow me for my random parenting proclamations and peregrinations don’t also have to wade through hundreds of tweets about the state of professional cycling and Arsenal football club. That means I now run four separate Twitter accounts, but I’m confident I’ve got the multiple personality disorder under control, thanks. (Who am I today, again?)

The same goes for Facebook, where you no longer need to go through the rigmarole of asking to be my friend because I’ve set up a separate page relating to the blog, which you can follow simply by registering a ‘like’. The Facebook page will, of course, link to content on this blog, but also to some of the brilliant mummy and daddy bloggers out there and other relevant bits and pieces I find interesting. Consequently it should be broader and a bit more informal.

So if you’re on Facebook and/or Twitter, pop by and say hi. Having built these new sites, I’d hate to be the mayor of a ghost town …