Look what I drew, Daddy

Can I have one of my own now, Dad (hint., hint)?

Regular readers will be aware that Isaac is a bit of a geek – like father, like son – who loves his technology. He learned how to unlock and operate my iPod in the same week he learned to walk, and ever since he has been completely at home with any device that has buttons or a touch-screen. So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when he came home from school today having constructed his own iPad. At the end of a long day during which I had done nothing but crunch numbers and construct spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides, it brought a welcome smile to my face.

Can I have one of my own now, Dad (hint., hint)?
Can I have one of my own now, Dad (hint, hint)?

Those of you familiar with Apple devices will recognise several of the application icons: Photos, Contacts, YouTube and Calendar across the top row, while lower down you will also find Sky+, WordPress, Google, iTunes and Newsstand and Sky Go. The thing that most impressed/amused me was his faithful reproduction of the bite taken out of the right-hand side of the apple in the Apple logo.

He’s so hell-bent on having his own iPad – I remain convinced he thinks it’s actually his and he only loans it out to me – that I have a sneaking suspicion he’s going to try to swap his facsimile for the real one and see whether or not I notice. There’s a fair chance I won’t.

Isaac may never draw a beautiful landscape or something thought-provokingly abstract – although, as I’ve observed before, he knows a Kandinsky painting when he sees one – but as a geeky dad of a geeky son, I couldn’t be more proud of his latest creation.