So you think you can dance?

Those of you who know our elder son Isaac will be familiar with his exploration of the art of dance over the past year or so. This started out with a brief but intense phase last spring/summer, where he worshipped all things Angelina Ballerina and would spend hours wearing a frisbee as a tutu and practising basic ballet moves (his demi-pointes and pirouettes were actually quite good).

Since then, he has developed somewhat more contemporary tastes in line with his liking for dance-based pop and R&B. This started out as your standard manic boy-with-too-much-energy-to-burn jumping, stomping and random arm-waving, as evidenced by this particular effort to the tune of the Black Eyed PeasI Gotta Feeling from last November:

This has gradually progressed with the development of increasingly sophisticated moves which he has learned by watching and rewatching videos over and over again. This is Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way from March this year, which combines a combination of Gaga’s dance moves with his own free-styling efforts to fill in the gaps. (You’ll note that Toby is completely nonplussed in the background – he’s seen it all before):

And every passing week he seems to add another new move to his repertoire. Sometimes he sings when he dances and sometimes he doesn’t, but there is always plenty of hip-wiggling, booty-shaking and twirling. This is him doing Born This Way again from earlier this week:

As I’ve said before, he certainly doesn’t get his love of dancing or his ability from his father, who is about as nimble and elegant on his feet as an arthritic rhinoceros (and causes a similar level of damage every time he treads onto a dance-floor). He’s unlikely to join the National Ballet or be mistaken for John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, but it remains a delight to watch his enthusiasm, determination and complete lack of self-consciousness.

Zac is currently working on a new routine to Gaga’s latest single, The Edge Of Glory. More on that some other time, maybe …