Toddling towards Thatcham

Hello everyone. It’s Isaac here. Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve hijacked Dad’s PC for a bit while he’s not looking. In between checking out the latest videos on YouTube and typing my name – I can now do ‘Toby’, ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ as well, by the way – on the iPad that Dad thinks is his but I’m only really lending to him when he behaves himself, I noticed that he hasn’t been keeping you up to date with the latest events in my exciting little life. That’s quite remiss of him, so I thought I’d cut out the middle man and fill you in myself.

We’ve been out and about a lot in the past few weeks, which is good because it’s about time Toby started seeing the outside world a bit more now he’s one. Mum and Dad seem to spend a lot of time in restaurants – which are places where people cook for you and do all the washing up afterwards. (Which is a bit like home if you ask me, only Mum and Dad don’t have to do all the running around. That’s nice for them, I suppose.)

Mum went back to work last month. Dad explained to me that she has to do this so that she can keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed. (Quite right too – a boy has standards, you know.) To mark this milestone, they took Toby and I to a town called Oxford for lunch. There are lots of buses there, and cars with hubcaps missing too. (I like missing hubcaps.)

While we were in Oxford we did some shopping. As you will know, pink is my favourite colour. (What’s not to like?) So I was very excited when I found a shop with lots of pink things in it. I took Dad inside straight away to show him. He seemed a bit embarrassed. I don’t know why, as the shop was named after a lady called Ann Summers, so it must have been good. (I think that’s a nice name, don’t you?) Being a money-conscious chap, I even found him some pink things that were on special offer, but he still wouldn’t buy them for Mum. And then he went all pink in the cheeks when I picked some off the rack for him. I think Dad’s a bit tight-fisted, and could do with a bit of exercise if he’s going to get all flushed after a short walk.

But Dad, they're pink and they're a bargain!

Anyway, after that I thought Dad could do with a little sit-down, so we went to a bookshop and I perused the latest best-sellers in the children’s section. Dad seemed happy to buy some things for me there, even though they were full price. So maybe he’s not as mean as I thought after all. (Maybe he’s just allergic to bargains?)

These Mr Men books are unputdownable!

The following weekend we made a big trip into London to go on a special train that goes underground into big, dark tunnels. The train took us to a place called Kensington, where we walked through another tunnel and went into a big museum. Dad told me I would be really impressed by the big dinosaur inside, but it was just a load of old bones, really. I was much more interested in seeing the worms. Worms are cool!


On the way home, Dad stopped to show me a poster for a computer game. It had my name on it! He made a comment about the slogan – something about ‘Isaac’ and ‘terror’ being an appropriate fit. Sometimes I don’t understand Dad. He makes no sense.

Are you trying to tell me something?

I haven’t really mentioned my little brother yet, have I? Toby is doing really well. He has now started at the same nursery as me, which means we go together in the morning and come back together in the evening. That means I get to serenade him with my singing in the car. He seems to quite enjoy that. Or, at least, he doesn’t complain about it. Unlike Mum, who rolls her eyes for some reason every time I ask her to put the Rihanna CD on and get her to repeat track five – that’s Only Girl (In the World), in case you didn’t know – over and over again. It’s my favourite song.

Toby and I are doing more and more things together as he gets bigger. He can say a few words now: “Ma-ma”, “car”, “round”, that sort of thing. I’m trying to teach him “hubcap”, but he doesn’t understand that yet. He’s cruising really well now, so it won’t be long until he can stand up properly and walk – which means I’ll be able to tackle him properly. I bet he’ll love that …

Me and my bro just hanging out together in the bath

Of course, we don’t do everything together. Just last weekend Mum took Toby somewhere else, and I got Dad to chauffeur me to London to see Grandma and Grandpa. I spoke to Grandma over the phone the day before, and asked her if we could go out and eat noodles, so we did. It was very good. I like it when everyone does exactly what I tell them to do. Honestly, sometimes I think they would never organise anything themselves if it wasn’t for me.

Big mouth? Me?

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. I hope you enjoyed reading my little scribbles. If you don’t mind, though, I’m going to tell Dad to stop being so lazy and get on with the writing himself next time. I’ve got far too many other things to do.

See you later!