Stay of execution

Cause for a minor celebration, at least. Three months after being told I would almost certainly need medication for my diabetes, I have successfully managed to get my blood sugar levels under control, which means I can continue without the drugs for the moment.

It’s a stay of execution, at least for now. I know this is just the first skirmish in an ongoing war which will last the rest of my life, and that I will probably need to introduce medication eventually. But the nurse was happy enough with the results of my fasting blood test – 57, on a scale of ‘acceptable’ that ranges from 48-59 – to leave it 12 months before seeing me again. That, at least, is an achievement, and I’ll take whatever small victories I can find.

The reality is I’m still walking a fine line. I need to stay disciplined about my diet and not allow things to gradually slide, but I’ve surprised myself how easy it has been to all but totally exclude sweets and chocolate, and to significantly cut back on salt and fatty foods. I can even sit quite happily next to Heather and Zac while they tuck into pick and mix without being remotely tempted. I don’t feel at all that I have been reduced to nibbling on stale bread and water. Indeed, by focussing on eliminating a few key things, large parts of my diet remain essentially unchanged, and I can still allow myself the occasional treat every now and then without affecting my levels too much.

In addition to controlling my sugar, I do still have other (related) health issues to attend to, primarily my blood pressure and continued weight loss. But it’s good to know I can defeat at least one of my demons without confining myself to purgatory, and I’m feeling encouraged about facing the other two members of my personal unholy trinity head on. I’ll take that.

In the meantime, I think a small food-related celebration is definitely in order.


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