Guitar hero

Zac practising his Guitar Hero skills

I don’t think The Edge has anything to worry about yet, but it seems that the guitar is the musical instrument which has captured Zac’s imagination more than any other. He’s always shown an interest in anything musical, whether it is a keyboard, tambourine, triangle or drums, but he was definitely drawn towards the Guitar Hero arcade machine while we were on holiday a few weeks back.

And one of his favourite TV programmes of recent months is ZingZillas, which focuses on the island-based adventures of a band preparing for their daily concert, the Big Zing, with the help of various musical guests. (It’s a bit like Lost with musicians and no smoke monster. Okay, it’s not really.)

Anyhow. here’s a video of Zac practising his strumming skills in front of ZingZillas. You’ve got to smile at how earnest he is.