Conversations with a two-year old

There’s nothing quite as comical as what comes out of the mouth of a toddler who is just starting to get to grips with the English language. Here are a few gems that have come from Isaac (aged two and a half) recently.


Zac hasn’t quite got the hang of hide and seek yet:

Isaac: Daddy, count to ten and Isaac will go and hide under the duvet.



Isaac: Daddy, Isaac wants the iPhone.

Me: Why?

Isaac: Want to watch Angelina Ballerina on YouTube.

Me: ?!?


I have high hopes Zac will turn out to be better at DIY than I am:

Me: Where do you want to go this morning?

Isaac: Want to go to B&Q to look at the lights and fans.


Zac the disciplinarian. Toby (four months) has just spilled a bowl of cereal all over the floor:

Isaac: Toby, go and sit on the naughty step.


Yeah, whatever …

Mummy: Isaac, are you listening to me?


Mummy: Isaac, are you listening to me?

Isaac: Yes, Mummy, don’t worry about it.


Silly Mummy …

Mummy: Isaac, why did Daddy tell you off? Were you being naughty?

Isaac: No, Mummy, I was being silly.


Zac returns from an afternoon out to find that Gran and Granddad have not yet returned as expected:

Isaac: Mummy, where’s Gran and Granddad? Must be stuck in the traffic.


Is he getting his grammar slightly wrong, or should we expect the restraining order through the post?

Isaac: Isaac wants to do Kylie.

Mummy: Daddy’s hurt his foot.

Isaac (turning to me): Never mind, you can go to the doctor soon, maybe.