Laughing boy

Not that Isaac was a miserable baby by any means, but Toby seems to have a particularly happy outlook on life. It doesn’t take much for him to break out into a huge smile – me walking into the room is usually enough – and he is certainly far easier to get laughing than Zac was at the same age.

Actions guaranteed to get Toby laughing:

  • Doing the ‘up’ and ‘down’ actions with him while singing The Grand Old Duke Of York. In fact, anything that involves him being lifted up and down.
  • Pretty much anything Zac does with him. Annoyingly, this includes all the things he does that he really shouldn’t do, like lying on top of him, pressing him with his hands etc. It’s hard to tell Zac off when what he’s doing is eliciting a raucous cackle from his little brother.
  • Laughing with him, pulling silly faces, the usual stuff, really.

We have yet to find a nickname for Toby which has really stuck. ‘Laughing boy’ might just be it, though.