A solid start

I had deliberately arranged to work from home today because Heather was planning to start the weaning process with Toby, introducing him to solid food for the first time.

Our little boy – four months old tomorrow – has certainly been observing both us and his brother eating with some interest for a few weeks now. Indeed, if he had the coordination to lick his lips, I suspect that’s exactly what he’d have been doing.

And so it was that at around 10am out came the baby rice – and, of course, me with my still and video cameras to record the moment for posterity – and a spoon was wafted in the direction of Toby’s (ample) mouth.

No problem. After being slightly suspicious of the first couple of spoonfuls, he chomped his way through an entire portion, and would no doubt have continued on for some time given the opportunity.  For five minutes afterwards, he was grabbing out at sleeves, muslins and anything else within reach, trying to cram it into his mouth. (Clearly, he has his inherited his appetite from his father!)

I think we can chalk that down as a success. So that’s another milestone ticked off. Our freezer will now be taken over by ice cube trays filled with pureed gunk made following Annabel Karmel recipes. And the amount of laundry that needs doing will increase exponentially.

Before we know it, he’ll be demanding sweeties.