The hard part

After a week away, it’s back to the grind of refocussing on what I eat and monitoring my weight and exercise levels.

During our five days on holiday, I was pretty good but nowhere near as strict as I could have been with myself. Normally I’m terrible when we’re away, eating with abandon and expecting to put on weight at around a pound a day. This time, however, I avoided major pig-outs – I didn’t single-handedly empty the buffet at Pizza Hut and made sure I had two large plates of salad and a limited amount of pizza – and consumed the grand total of no chocolate, no ice cream and three individual sweets. Sure, we treated ourselves to desserts with dinner, and I snacked more than I normally would (treating myself to nuts and flatbreads rather than sweets), but overall I think I managed to strike a reasonable balance without being too draconian.

The good news is that I have ended the week at exactly the same weight – 16st 10lbs – at which I started it. The bad news is that towards the end of the week, despite not going overboard with the eating, I could feel some of my high-sugar symptoms returning. That was pretty dispiriting, as it showed how little it takes to push me back over the edge, but I suppose now I know what to expect in the future and have a better idea of what I need to do to keep things in check.

It’s not that I’m feeling down or demotivated, but a bit of that initial rush of adrenalin-fuelled I-can-do-it optimism has worn off, as it always does. I now know how much – or little – leeway I have to keep my symptoms under control. I’m having to face up to the fact my weight seems to have stabilised, having lost just two of the seven pounds required to attain my target of 16st 5lbs by the end of June. And it’s cold and wet outside, which (literally) dampens my enthusiasm for heading out for a brisk walk later.

But I know that what I need to do remains unchanged. I need to go back to restricting what I eat and upping my exercise regime, and stay focussed on driving my weight down. Things were going well pre-holiday and I was feeling noticeably better for it, so it’s down to me to just grit my teeth and get on with it.

The honeymoon period is over. Now for the hard part.