I’ve written previously about our first experience with the family-friendly world of Center Parcs, which we visited a year and a half ago. Tomorrow all four of us will be squeezing into the car to head down to Butlins in Minehead – or ‘Center Parcs for chavs’, as I may have uncharitably referred to it on more than one occasion.

Actually, I am really looking forward to it. It will be lovely to have a few days of proper family time, away from the stresses and responsibilities of the real world. Minehead came recommended to us by some local friends, with the added bonus of being right by the beach, Zac’s favourite place in the whole wide world.

Mind you, I still can’t quite get the mental image of the fictional Maplins holiday camp from the 80s sitcom Hi-de-Hi out of my head, which was supposedly based on Butlins. As long as Su Pollard isn’t cleaning our room, I’ll be okay with that.

I’ll report back upon our return.