Maybe we were a bit ambitious with our Easter plans, because by the end of the long weekend both Toby and Zac were utterly exhausted. Mind you, maybe that’s a good thing!

The morning of Good Friday saw us with friends at the Family Adventure Farm just south of Newbury. The original plan had been to have a bit of an explore around the place, see some of the animals and beat the rain before it was forecast to arrive in the afternoon.

Yeah, right.

I don’t think we ever made it more than thirty metres from the entrance, as Zac became fixated by a giant muddy puddle, which kept him busy for at least ten minutes.

After that, there was a giant slide. I think we must have done the circuit of climb, slide, repeat at least twenty times between Heather and I. He was so enthralled by it, he didn’t even mind the fact it started raining and I had to use every trick in the book to coerce him inside as the rain became increasingly monsoon-like. (It was supposed to be dry all morning, according to the forecast. Right-o.)

And then, after an early lunch, he dragged Heather outside – the rain was even heavier by this point – and ran around the little go-kart track for fully 20 minutes before we finally decided to call it a day and head for the drier, warmer surroundings of home.

Naturally, it was dry and sunny all afternoon after that. Typical.

On Saturday we did the run down to Dorset to see Heather’s mum and stepdad for the day, then on the Sunday itself was an Easter egg hunt at a friend’s, after which Zac spent ages bouncing up and down on their outdoor trampoline – well, standing and falling down, anyway; he doesn’t really do bouncing – and generally engaging in some fairly robust rough-and-tumble with one of his friends.

Yesterday (Monday), we drove into London to have lunch with my parents, where Zac gave both his Grandpa and uncle the run-around all day. By the time we got home at about 5, it was all he could manage to eat a bit of dinner, have a bath and then collapse exhausted into bed. Toby was much the same, pretty much sleeping through the whole day – and, indeed, most of today as well.

Still, it’s great to see how much Zac is growing up and his ever-growing confidence in his own abilities, and it’s always fun to watch him interacting with his mates, which isn’t something I get to see very often. He really is a proper boy now.

So, one bank holiday weekend down, two more to go in the next few weeks. Maybe we’ll scale things down a bit next time …